isite radar for 14 april

Phil has mentioned podcasts recently – just as I was to recommend the Guardian Environment Weekly podast. Listened to the last two on the car journey home last night, useful interviews with Brain Paddick and Ken Livingston. Next week plans an interview with Boris Johnson (all of whom are apparently standing for Mayor of London – or somewhere down south – on a green election !)  Also an item on Transition Towns – which Brian admits to not having heard of- and a useful round up of enviro news

Over at WorldChanging is an article on ZeroFootprint Cities – an initiative to to link the citizens of the world’s cities around software that combines an environmental footprint calculator, linked to social networking and business intelligence tools. The idea has the backing of Ken Livingston, chair of the C40 Cities Group

Also at WorldChanging: Intelligent Green Buildings Informative article  on linking intelligent buildings into a smart energy grid.

For a few days I  have been meaning to recommend heat monitors are a no brainer from Casey over at Carbonlimited.  Nice simple ideas like this are so important.

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