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isite radar and roundup monday 23rd june

Last week was a busy one so not too much posting here, but below are a few of the items that caught my eye

Bristol is to become the first cycle city with 11 others – York, Stoke, Blackpool, Cambridge, Chester, Colchester, Leighton Buzzard, Southend, Shrewsbury, Southport and Woking – named as demonstration areas for the scheme. They will be added to the current six demonstration areas – Aylesbury, Brighton, Darlington, Derby, Exeter and Lancaster.

Last Saturday I led a benchmarkwalks walk in the English Lake District for a group of Facilities Management people. Great discussions over usability, eco towns, fm sustainability, fm in Cape Town shanty towns and the future of fm.  An emerging topic from the conference earlier in the week, and continued on the walk – the need for Aggressive Facilities Management

On blogs, Mel’s excellent article over at Elemental on Global air conditioning while Phil at ZeroChampion has an interesting post on Should we carbonize interest rates? and Pam over at Public Works talks from the trenches on investing in infrastruture in the face of credit crunch.

The Guardians articles that ‘revealed‘ the UK Governments blue print plans for a tougher approach to climate change. Many of which involved housing or buildings. Now why was this not included within the UK Government Strategy for Sustainable Construction. Joined up thinking, just in time thinking?

On a similar line a German town forces homes to fix solar tiles

Eco towns seem to be never out of the news with google alerts working overtime – has the opposition changed, from ‘we cant build zero carbon’, to ‘nimbyism’ to what now seems to be the ‘tescopolising’ of eco-towns. Next weeks headline? Eco towns ate my cat.  But today the Guardian reports on the forthcoming report that criticizes eco town proposals:

The choice of sites put on a shortlist to be England’s first ecotowns has been strongly criticised for their lack of adequate public transport links and other shortcomings by a government advisory panel.

George Monbiot on coalWe must leave the fossil century behind to reach the golden age of renewable energy, Mr Brown – making the important comment that its not what we do but what we stop doing

And finally, for now, much blogging and twittering of the planned be2camp event in London in October. here here and here

isite radar 30 april

Prime Minister, Gordon Brown MP has become the latest politician to give his support to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) “Building a Greener Britain” campaign. (press release)

Homeowners are not informed or prepared for the lifestyle changes needed to live in zero carbon homes, according to research launched by the NHBC Foundation. (April 2008)  The report, Zero carbon: what does it mean for homeowners and housebuilders? identifies the attitudes of homeowners and builders towards the 2016 zero carbon agenda and the Code for Sustainable Homes. And draws the obvious conclusions – home owners dont want zero carbon, 100% sealed homes, and, builders think they will be too expensive.

Raven Housing Trust, housing association,  the first inhabited flats in the UK built to “level 5” on the Code for Sustainable Homes scorecard.

isite radar for 14 april

Phil has mentioned podcasts recently – just as I was to recommend the Guardian Environment Weekly podast. Listened to the last two on the car journey home last night, useful interviews with Brain Paddick and Ken Livingston. Next week plans an interview with Boris Johnson (all of whom are apparently standing for Mayor of London – or somewhere down south – on a green election !)  Also an item on Transition Towns – which Brian admits to not having heard of- and a useful round up of enviro news

Over at WorldChanging is an article on ZeroFootprint Cities – an initiative to to link the citizens of the world’s cities around software that combines an environmental footprint calculator, linked to social networking and business intelligence tools. The idea has the backing of Ken Livingston, chair of the C40 Cities Group

Also at WorldChanging: Intelligent Green Buildings Informative article  on linking intelligent buildings into a smart energy grid.

For a few days I  have been meaning to recommend heat monitors are a no brainer from Casey over at Carbonlimited.  Nice simple ideas like this are so important.

isite radar for april 08

On my radar today:

Low carbon uk

– a New Scientist / Arup online discussion forum

Your computer chip could warm your home

– a medium size data center could heat 70 homes

Ecotowns are not the answer to climate change or housing needs

Reducing the carbon footprint of the existing built environment must take priority. The government must focus its climate-change agenda on Britain’s cities precisely because they are the most prolific polluters. This should be a Guardian response against Simon Jenkins article crticising eco-homes – can no one be found to defend Eco Homes?

Companies will have to tell all on carbon emissions

All quoted companies will be forced to detail carbon emissions in their annual reports after the Government caved in to backbench pressure. What will this mean for construction and facilities management organisations?

Don’t blame the equipment

Can lessons be learned about training needs from the fiasco of Terminal 5’s opening?…the sophistication of the baggage-handling system – described by BAA as one of the most advanced in the world – surely emphasises messages about the importance of human capital.