Eco Town consultation

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LG Consultation – ‘Eco-towns: Living a greener future’
The Department for Communities and Local Government is seeking public opinion on their vision for eco-towns, seen as the answer to both the challenges of climate change and the rising demand for affordable housing as more people are living longer and living alone. Eco-towns intend to exemplify genuinely sustainable living, consisting of zero-carbon developments that combine affordable housing, environmental sensitivity and outstanding quality. This consultation document outlines fifteen potential eco-town locations, shortlisted for their creative and practical design, and seeks feedback concerning: the way in which the eco-towns concept is being developed and the different potential benefits that an eco-town can offer; how particular features such as green space or innovative approaches to housing can best be developed in an eco-town; and preliminary views on the 15 locations going forward for further assessment. Responses are invited until 30th June 2008. More…

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