cracking the codes

Peter Chapman over at Architecture 2030 has forwarded the following news item.  I find this fascinating, although USA based, is there an equivalent mapping of BREEAM, CSH, etc against for example the Construction Strategy targets, indicating the additional reductions needed beyond the requirements of a particular code, standard or rating system.

Is it the case here in the UK, as in the US, that existing (and recently revised) codes will not acheive the necessary targets? One would think that the codes have been designed to meet higher targets, but then ….

From Architecture 2030:

Edward Mazria and Architecture 2030 have released an unprecedented and much-anticipated guide for every city, county and state in the nation to swiftly meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets of the 2030 Challenge.

Published in a new white paper, titled “Meeting the 2030 Challenge Through Building Codes“, a single table provides the key to deciphering various building energy codes, standards and rating systems as they relate to the immediate 50% reduction target called for in the 2030 Challenge. Using the code equivalents provided in this table, local governments, states and industry professionals can achieve dramatic reductions and be confident that they are meeting the 2030 Challenge.

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