on press releases

I get quite a few press releases sent over requesting me to post onto the isite blog, many I am afraid I do not necessarily subscribe to, so politely decline.  However, two received this week,  from Jayne at FMB Green Energy Revolution Needs Green Housing Revolution and VAT hindering environmental improvements? which illustrates the positive actions taken by the FMB to lobby government on behalf of the industry and from Peter over at Architecture 2030 cracking the codes furthering the sterling work on carbon reductions in the built enviroment and its link to the use of coal.

1 thought on “on press releases

  1. Pam Renoir

    I really need to get over to your blog on a more regular basis because I could just end up saving myself the time of searching all over the net.

    Each time I have decided to look into a subject, I come over here and you have already blogged about it! This week was the first time I really looked into the PR News Service, and then used it to send out a Press Release about our Orientation Day on Public Works tomorrow. And here you have a great blog with many resources related to that service – this would have saved me a lot of research.

    Keep up the good work!



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