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People and Planet have published the 2008 Geen University league table which shows some good and surprising results.

Top of the list, receiving ‘firsts’ is University of Gloucestershire, and the University I am now working with, UCLAN,(Uni of Central Lancashire) moves up 45 places to number 5.Last years winner Leeds met drops from 1 to 8.

Very disappointing though to see that my old uni, Brunel University, falls from number 27 in 2007 down  to number 84, only achieving a ‘third’.  Brunel is only one of five in the league not to have an environmental policy.  (Is this possible these days?)

As People and Planet state:

The change in the sector has been driven by thousands of students who have been campaigning for greener campuses. Thanks to your determination the sector is finally starting to listen to student demands for greener campuses. There is still a long way to go though.

To what degree though does the facilities management and estates management contribute to these results, are they driving change, or being driven in the face of student and customer pressure.  Maybe the selection of facilities and service providers will now be influenced by their contribution to improving a universities position in this league?   Again it was good to hear that the VP at UCLAN did praise Facilities Management for their contribution in their excellent improvement in the league, at his recent address.

As this league will surely be used by students looking to select universities, wouldn’t it be useful to have similar leagues in the UK construction and FM sectors, replacing those contracts won, turnover based leagues we see in the industry press.

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