a pecha kucha fm side view

I have just tidied up my last Pecha Kucha attempt into a pdf to share, with added subtitles. This presentation was a sideways look at facilities management and presented in a pub in Manchester to an international audience as part of the recent eurofm conference.

Pecha Kucha, literally ‘chit chat’ is a fresh approach to presentations, like an open mic event at a comedy store. You get 20secs for each of 20 slides – its fun fast and furious. As someone said – there’s more information per sq in of slide than in many full day events. Something about a picture painting a thousand words, and that very few of the Pecha Kucha presentations had bullet points or even text – most were full screen photos.

Oh and the ease in putting together is refreshing. The images I used were taken on my new Nokia N95 mobile over a cycle weekend in Scotland, or from my iphoto plus one or two borrowed from the web. And then the presentation assembled in Keynote on a train journey from Lincoln to Manchester. Easy and enjoyable.

Download here the pdf here  fm pecha kucha

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