maybe climate change podcast

I have watched the excellent Maybe climate change videocast by the Auctons through Green TV on my ipod over and over again many times this week. The images and music are simply great – keep with the video for images of cities, floods, eco build and homes and more…. and be inspired…. maybe I should use as an debate opener in my workshops.

A line-drawing short film designed to inspire people to do something about climate change. This acclaimed song by Autons (from their debut album Short Term Manifesto) is a definitive environmental statement of the year. Directed by Yesca and supported by Undercurrents and Permaculture Magazine.

From the Auctons Livejournal: This video was made by Yesca for Autons song Maybe. You can pass this video link around to all of your friends. You can also show it to people and show it at events. All you have to do is say it is available under the Creative Commons licence.

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