on walter segal construction

Holding an improvement module event within a Walter Segal construction last Weds, introduced me to this concept of sustainability and green construction. I also wonder why we dont hear more of it as an alternative approach to housing and other small non domestic construction.  And with the concept being ‘self build’ opens up a whole new approach to community involvement, eco towns and villages

From wikipedia:

The Segal method is based on traditional timber frame methods modified to use standard materials available today. It eliminates the need for wet trades such as bricklaying and plastering resulting in a light-weight methods which can be built with minimal experience and are ecologically sound. The roofs tend to be flat with many layers of roofing felt, which allows the creation of grass covered roofs. Foundations are minimal, often just paving slabs, the strength coming from the geometry of their construction. Segal houses have been compared to traditional Japanese houses.

Examples of construction

Current Segal inspired projects

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