Sustained summer reading and listening

Stuck for a rip-roaring read or an essential soundtrack to your summer break?  BSJ online asked 13 loyal readers of the sustainability channel to put forward their cultural favourites for the holiday season. Try out this über list of print or plastic (or MP3) which range from the sublime (Proust, Glenn Gould) to the ridiculous (Howard Jones and a singing bear)

You can find the full list of the favourite books on the website

Contributors (a who’s who of the UK sustainability and blogging world?):

Mark Brinkley, Housebuilder’s Bible author and blogger.

Paul Scott, Head of Fire and Risk, Faber Maunsell

Sophy Twohig, Director, Hopkins

John Goodbun, Architect, founder, WAG

Mel Starrs, housing team, Inbuilt, and blogger

Rob Annable, Axis Design Architects

Brian Scannell, NES

Julian Crawford, Sustainable Committee lead at Gensler Architects

Martin Brown, founder, Fairsnape and blogger at isite

Andrew Warren, Director, Association for the Conservation of Energy

Paul Wilkinson, BIW Technologies

Paul Crossley, sustainability manager, RLF

Jim Webster, director, 3d Reid Architects

Phil Clark, editorial director, Sustainability

Michael Willoughby, reporter, Sustainability

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