from brightgreen: how to use environmental leaders

Last Friday Bright Green Talent posted this excellent five point guide:

Dreadlocks, demonstrations and duck ponds – What does today’s environmentalist look like?

What are the characteristics of these environmental leaders and how can you use them to drive your business forward?

1. Big minds: Environmental leaders have a history of excellence in everything they do. Graduating from the top universities, they are aspirational, yet practical. They are naturally drawn to complex problems that span science, economics and society.

2. Learners, not cogs: Don’t expect an environmental leader to become another cog in an organisational machine. They are here to learn and to make a difference. They flourish in small organisations, visionary
consultancies and larger organisations with a big mandate for change.

3. People people: Environmental leaders understand that people drive change. They have excellent interpersonal skills, tremendous drive and are determined to succeed.

4. More than money: Environmental leaders want to make money without sacrificing fulfilment. Many talented graduates take unpaid internships to get into the sector, but once they’re in, they realise that it is possible to earn well and create a positive impact.

5. Authenticity sells: We hear one thing time and again from our environmental leaders: “find me an organisation that’s genuine.” We all know it’s no longer enough to greenwash your way around a problem. If
your approach to sustainability is authentic, customers will catch on- but more importantly, your brightest talent will work day and night to see the organisation’s mission fulfilled.

isite carries a RSS feed of BrightGreenTalent job adverts in the right hand column.

How do you find, engage with and use your environmental leaders, advisors or support to profit from sustainability?

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