seren-dipity timelines?

Over the last few days a number of people have asked for information on Dipity or the link to Route to Zero timeline I use in presentations, or have set up timelines such as Paul on his EvolutionExtranet and for be2camp.

Dipity is incredibly easy to use and allows the aggregation of a number of sources ( news feeds, google searches, RSS feeds from blogs etc) into one timeline, as a flip book, a list or even as a google map. It provides a great and quick way to search through any topic, following the news or developments.

It also provide a futures timeline potential, either as a organisational planning tool, or a futures foresight approach. I am working with an organisation to visually map out their business plans, intentions, strategies or milestones, and in discussion with a construction project to record progress on site.  This is an obvious use of timelines, as the Walter Mill Ateliers project demonstrates


2 thoughts on “seren-dipity timelines?

  1. Pam Renoir

    Nice to see your blog post about Dipity. I have seen this tool used now a few times and did notice that it was up on the be2camp site. Great idea to use it for construction projects! Almost like an online diary.


  2. Gaurav


    I want to bring to your attention

    Emote is a concept of sharing emotions, built over microblogging with full functionality of a social-networking site and a beautiful scrolling TIMELINE (

    emote is a microblogging service; which is a platform to –
    1. broadcast and share your emotions with your family, friends and with the entire world.
    2. Make yourself heard, comment on news, stories and current affair.
    3. Share your experiences, memories and events with your friends and family.
    4. Connect with different people with similar emotional attributes as yours.
    (ex: if atrocities on animals make you sad, connect with others who share the same feeling)
    5. Jot-down your experiences. You usually have so many things to say – a constant stream of thoughts, comments and observations running through your head continuously.

    6. A wonderful TIMELINE that arranges your messages in a chronological order date by date.
    (A prominent micro-blog reviewer thinks so!)

    Sometimes, the important connections we make are the ones we make with ourselves.



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