the built environment twitters

There has been a welcomed increase in Twitter from uk construction recently. New to this world is:

the UK construction magazine Construction News has a twitter @CNplus with deputy editor Nina Lovelace having a twitter account at @nina_lovelace

New Civil Engineer, now also has a twitter presence at @NCEmagazine and

Constructing Excellence has now started on twitter with @constructingexc.

I still haven’t found anyone twittering from a facilities management perspective as yet (other than myself), which is a pity as I see twitter having great potential here. (But watch this space!)


be2campAs Paul has mentioned over at EvolutionExtranet, These developments are perhaps the latest indications of a growing awareness and adoption of such tools within the UK mainstream built environment industry, but we are still only scratching the surface.

I would like to think the promotion of be2camp has something to do with this, Be2camp, is an online grouping which is promoting an innovative event next month at the Building Centre in London (and online). an event run on unconference or BarCamp principles, that will seek to apply Web 2.0 to the built environment (from planning and design, through construction, to facilities management).

Incidentally you can follow be2camp activity through twitter be2camp

There has of course been a regular group of built environment twitters, twittering away for most of this year, forming a small, but global and growing nucleus of practioners from all aspects of the sector who share, learn from and inspire each other. A quick round up:

Zerochamp / Phil Clark Online business journalist writing about sustainable construction and development

melstarrs / mel starrs Sustainability Engineer, Chartered Building Services Engineer (CIBSE) and BREEAM Advisor and Assessor.

EEPaul / Paul Wilkinson London-based, blogger on IT, SaaS, sustainability, construction. Also a cyclist, a Crewe Alex FC fan, a beer drinker, founder Be2camp

pbroviak Civil Engineer and Public Works Director. Publish Grid Works at Working to integrate engineering & virtual worlds, founder Be2camp

eversion / Rob Annable Architect

the_architect / The_Architect Chartered Architect, drinker & thinker.

jodiem / Jodie Miners founder Be2camp

CindyFW Architect, futurist, adjunct prof U of Houston + U of KS, writer, tree hugger + perma-student exploring urban futures

and myself

martinbrown fairsnape: blogger, leading and supporting built environment improvements, founder Be2camp

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