Engineering a low carbon built environment … RAE Paper

We are at the start of a period when the application of building engineering physics will become one of the principal drivers in the construction of new buildings

I need more time to digest this paper, but on a quick scan:
  • Good to see a call for a construction retraining programme… Without urgent action by Government and substantial financial support for education and re-training, the construction industry will be unable to make the necessary step change in carbon emissions performance.
  • I was intrigued to see 3 of the 6 recommendations to government call for more POE (post occupancy evaluations). I think this is a wrong approach. POE's monitor the effectiveness of the design, not the usability and suitablity to the users requirements, ie the way people use the building.
  • The Proposal for alternative façade system looks like a re-engineered Trombe wall
  • A useful directory of passive carbon reduction approaches 
  • A useful treatise on the 'peak oil' Vernacular building types evolved in response to local availability of resources. Only since the mass exploitation of fossil fuels has humankind been free to build resource and energy inefficient buildings.

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