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How will construction deal with open supply chain carbon transparency Have long followed the work of Sourcemap, an open source project to map supply chain transparency. Using one of the examples on the site (usually an iPod or the IKEA bed) creates a great discussion in my sustainability workshops … Continue reading

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Treading Softly

via I have spread my dreams under your feet, Tread softly because you tread on my dreams W B Yeats and as Ken Robinson adds … well watch to the end of the talk 🙂 (Via The Green Stain … Continue reading

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Connecting to Nature – Every Child Outdoors

RSPB New Report Every Child Outdoors makes interesting reading:

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In case you missed it – 4 ways to improve your PQQ

In case you missed it I have started an occasional series of PQQ and Bid tips based on many years of writing, reviewing and assessing PQQ bids over on another posterous page at PQQ+ So far the items covered include PQQ Questions … Continue reading

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#PQQPlus Tips No 4: Evidence – Telling the story

Evidence – anecdotal or compelling? Look at the evidence you submit in your PQQ's, Bids Presentations and Interviews and ask the 'so what' question. If you were reading for the first time what would you think?  Is it anecdotal, could … Continue reading

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Big Society – useful thinking or a dangerous distraction? #bigsociety

I have a number of reasons to engage with and understand the current or new Big Society thinking: My community enterprise movement to improve the local facilities and resilience of a very rural community in Whitechapel and Inglewhite on the … Continue reading

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Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint with new iPhone app

A new application for iPad and iPhone recently released by London-based mobile software developer Qreative Medias provides quick assessments of a home's energy efficiency based on the guidelines of three performance certification programs. Having downloaded the app I will test and review … Continue reading

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