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At Grizedale … MP Tim Farron, Chair of lib dem party supports #saveourforests


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The Great Transition: How it all turned out OK in 2050. (nef Report)

“This report, by the new economics foundation, sketches out how, in the light of the challenges we face both nationally and globally – consuming beyond our planetary limits, untenable inequality, growing economic instability, and a breakdown in the relationship between … Continue reading

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Removing the hoardings – Making education projects learning projects

I have visited many school construction projects of late, for a number of contracting organisations across the UK, and have notice they all have one thing in common, a hoarding or barrier between them and the school. Most have received … Continue reading

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Be2camp: be2awards BE2’s and construcTALKS

It is well over 2 years ago that a small like minded group of us* (in the UK, USA and Australia) started be2camp as a means of exploring the use of social media, web 2 applications and virtual worlds within … Continue reading

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Three reasons to give your PQQ and Bids an independent Health Check

  One: Many PQQ’s and Bids ‘deselect’ themselves through errors and omissions. It is obviously far better for errors, omissions, questions not (fully) answered or formatting issues to be picked up by independent review rather than your client. Don’t throw … Continue reading

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