“the future will require us to build better places”: Preston Tithebarn

Juxtapositoning of messages today:

… that the Tithebarn project in Preston has got (yet another) go ahead:

Preston’s £700m Tithebarn scheme has been given the go-ahead by a High Court judge. (LEP)

… that a survey from the Guardian on the future of the High St reveals that over 70% feel the high street doesn’t have a future, and that recent news re Thorntons. Jane Norman, TJ Hughes and Habitat is “a structural change and more bad news will follow”

… as James Kunstler says in  The Geography of Nowhere: Rise and Decline of America’s Man-made Landscape""  (currently reading):

 ‘The future will require us to build better places, or the future will belong to other people in other societies.’

Artists impression of Preston Tithebarn project – or is it Arndale Manchester, or the Bull Ring – or … nowhere?

Interesting times

2 thoughts on ““the future will require us to build better places”: Preston Tithebarn

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  2. Preston Bus Station

    You summed up the problem in your closing remarks – with the exception of Preston’s covered market that artist’s impression really could be anywhere. Preston’s does not big enough to absorb a generic, identikit, flat pack, drag and drop development like this without the very identity of the city being swallowed up and lost like the buildings that are going to be flattened to make way for it. Liverpool has just about managed to offset the soul less nature of Liverpool One but Preston City Council would be mad to knock down the city’s one building that’s instantly recognisable to Preston. It’s iconic.

    It’s sad that the bus station’s original architects, Building Design Partnership or BDP, are pushing plans to known down their own building – Preston Bus Station. If their previous efforts in Preston only lasted 41 years does that mean we’ll be doing all this again as we knock down their Tithebarn development in 41 years?




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