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“the future will require us to build better places”: Preston Tithebarn

Juxtapositoning of messages today:

… that the Tithebarn project in Preston has got (yet another) go ahead:

Preston’s £700m Tithebarn scheme has been given the go-ahead by a High Court judge. (LEP)

… that a survey from the Guardian on the future of the High St reveals that over 70% feel the high street doesn’t have a future, and that recent news re Thorntons. Jane Norman, TJ Hughes and Habitat is “a structural change and more bad news will follow”

… as James Kunstler says in  The Geography of Nowhere: Rise and Decline of America’s Man-made Landscape""  (currently reading):

 ‘The future will require us to build better places, or the future will belong to other people in other societies.’

Artists impression of Preston Tithebarn project – or is it Arndale Manchester, or the Bull Ring – or … nowhere?

Interesting times