Green Deal Assessor Standard issued for consultation

DECC have issued their draft standard ‘Specification for the provision of Green Deal Advisor Services‘ for consultation.

The standard, albeit in draft throws more light on what Green Deal will eventually look like. From first read my comments:

Useful terms and definitions section

It would appear charges for the assessment can be made.

The customer has the option to take the Greendeal assessment to other providers.

If no EPC or an invalid EPC (or DEC for that matter) is in place the Greendeal assessor would be required to produce/update the EPC, presumably at a charge?

If charges for the GD assessment cannot be included in the overall Green Deal Plan this does raise concern on take up of green deal improvements?

The standard does seem light on a requirement of the assessor to also assess the structural capacity of the building or home to take the proposed Greendeal improvement measure.

Overall, are we seeing another piece of the greendeal jigsaw falls into place?

Download the draft document from here

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