Preston Bloggers Award for fairsnape blog

Its always great to get acknowledgement for this blog, hence am delighted to have received recognition from  EAOM, an online marketing agency in Chorley, Lancs, as worthy of their Preston Bloggers Award.

Part of our blog training process for our clients is to show examples of great blog posts which created by Preston based bloggers

We have reviewed many local blogs  judging them on overall quality, readability, relevance and the value they add to the community and/or to their customers.

After much deliberation we created a short list of winners which includes Fairsnape. We really feel you got blogging right with posts such as Can social media drive built environment sustainability? showing what Preston has to offer to the blogging community.

As winner we’ll be showcasing your blog in a post on our own blog on and twitter feed in the coming weeks.

This fairsnape blog started way back in January 2007, as a service to the clients I then supported, and many of whom I still do, on built environment improvement. It soon became a more generic industry news, information sharing and comment blog, focusing on a core of sustainability, collaborative working and the use of social media.

The blog went through change as the potential and power of twitter as a micro blogging tool for news and link sharing became obvious, leaving the fairsnape blog to become more of the commentary service it is today.

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