New wheels …

After a winter of browsing cycle web sites, magazines and brochures and of course visiting too many cycle stores, I finally picked up my new wheels on Wednesday from Ghyllside Cycles in Ambleside (Highly recommended for service and bike-chat)

Its a Genesis Equilibrium 20, and its gorgeous.

I only had a an hour or so for a maiden flight, but the Cumbria air was so clear, the fells looking so magnificent I couldn’t resist a spin out of Ambleside and around Little Langland by way of Blea Tarn.

A great chance to ‘test’ or experience the climbing and descent capabilities

And the stats from the Cyclemeter iphone app. (again highly recommended)

 Following the ride it was back to Ambleside for a quick coffee / meeting catch up and then lengthy phone chat with Paul @EEPaul re Be2camp and next weeks Green Build Expo event.

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