Which? Campaigns for Improvement to #GreenDeal

Which? believes that the Green Deal as it stands needs to change and has issued five challenges to the government to improve the deal, and make sure that it delivers a better deal for consumers.

Savings must be linked to a detailed energy assessment

Green Deal savings estimates – known as the golden rule – should be based on tailored assessments of peoples’ individual circumstances, such as how many people live in the property, and the actual energy they use.

No shocking early repayment fees

We don’t want people being punished for paying back a loan early.

No mis-selling

The government must make sure that independent assessments are a key part of the Green Deal. Having an independent assessment will mean that a customer can get impartial information before making what could potentially be a significant financial investment. We have also asked for a ban on cross-selling of items on credit during the Green Deal process.

Energy Company Obligation must be fairer

Which? would like to see  Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding allocated to low-cost measures like loft and cavity wall insulation, which have a much greater impact (… than on solid wall insulation,)

Warranties must match the loan terms

We think that if you install energy efficiency measures in your home, they should be guaranteed for at least the length of the loan you’ve taken out to pay for them.


Read more: http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/energy-and-environment/the-green-deal/what-which-wants/#ixzz1vZpFWtLP

Consumer Champions Which?

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