Why a Monarch butterfly on FutuREstorative cover?

FR_Visuals_FINALFrom inside cover notes:

The monarch butterfly is considered an important and iconic pollinator, native to North America with a multigenerational migration journey that spans from Mexico to Canada.

From a population of more than 1 billion in the 1990’s, there is a grave danger of extinction within 20 years as the monarch’s sole food source milkweed, is virtually eradicated through chemicals and genetically modified agricultural practices.

The monarch butterfly is increasingly seen as a symbol for hope for a restorative future, championed, for example, by the David Suzuki Foundation through their #GotMilkweed campaign.

The classic butterfly effect (the movement of a butterfly wings triggering storms on the other side of a continent) has become a metaphor for chaos theory describing the concept that small, seemingly insignificant actions can have larger, very significant consequences. And now the butterfly diagram, central to circular economy thinking, illustrates the potential to transform the built environment.

In many ways, the Monarch butterfly sums up the aim of FutuREstorative, as a symbol of biodiversity and fragility but with potential for amazing transformation.

FutuREstorative is available via the RIBA Bookshop site



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