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Natural Mossland Carbon Capture Scheme – putting a ‘natural’ cost to carbon?

Not to be confused with carbon offsetting. If we are serious about moving to low and zero carbon construction then this Mosslands conservation project looks like a good approach to capturing all those tricky CO2 emissions from your site or … Continue reading

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carbon trust standard

The Carbon Trust new certification acknowledges organisations that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions without using offsets. The Carbon Trust Standard certifies that an organisation has genuinely reduced its carbon footprint and is committed to making further reductions year on year. … Continue reading

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my blog fights climate change

A number of people have asked why 350 on the my blog fights climate change badge, well, its the parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere that we must aim for if we want to keep the planet relatively … Continue reading

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Cost of carbon

A good note to end the year on and a new perspective on the cost of carbon to start 2008 with was reported in the Guardian last Friday. (also picked up by fellow blogger Phil at Some Seasonal Cheer ). … Continue reading

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Carbon off setting not permissable on zero carbon projects

Been looking at site that mention Hanham Hall – the first Zero Carbon Challenge project recently let to Barratts.  The local BBC Bristol  site contains these wonderful comments from English Partnerships: Unlike carbon neutral developments, there can be no conscience-clearing … Continue reading

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offsetting problems

Financial problems in the mysterious (and distracting) world of carbon offsetting reported in todays Guardian The fledgling carbon-offset market was undermined yesterday when AgCert International, a producer and seller of certified emission reductions (CERs), said a key deal had collapsed … Continue reading

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