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With the demise of SWMP’s – now is the time to rethink waste

This week DECC confirmed arrangements for the demise of SWMP’s

You will no longer be required by law to prepare a site waste management plan (SWMP) from 1 December 2013. However, SWMPs may still be required by BREEAM, the planning permission or by the main contractor or client. Even if you don’t need to produce one, completing a SWMP will help you to handle your materials and waste correctly, helping you reduce and save money in the process. 

We should see this as an opportunity to rethink our relationship with waste, and focus upstream, not on waste, but on solutions through appropriate material management. And one solution lies within the Living Building Challenge, a restorative sustainability philosophy, advocacy and accreditation programme for the built environment.


It is heartening to note that the Living Building Challenge Material Petal, does not refer to waste (as BREEAM and LEED do) but on Conservation and Re-Use, requiring each project team to create a Material Conservation Management Plan that explains how the project optimises materials in:

Design,  including consideration of appropriate durability in product specification

Construction, including product optimization and collection of wasted materials

Operation, including a collection plan for consumables and durables

End of Life, including a plan for Adaptable Reuse and Deconstruction

Through ISO 14001, Environmental Management, and Living Building Challenge support for projects and organisations we are slowly moving SWasteMP’s thinking towards MConservationMP’s and to Adaptable Reuse and Deconstruction Plans.

If you would like more information to seize this opportunity to move your organisation forward please do get in touch. (Innovation Vouchers can help offset costs!)


Introducing the Living Building Challenge in the UK

Living Building Challenge Infographic

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Green Deal Guidance for the Property Industry

UntitledThe Department of Energy and Climate Change has published The Green Deal: Guidance for the Property Industry in Great Britain aimed at property practitioners dealing with domestic or non-domestic properties

The Green Deal is designed to help householders and businesses increase the energy efficiency of properties and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions across Great Britain.

This guidance covers aspects of the Green Deal that will be of interest to the property industry, and it applies to both domestic and non-domestic properties. It is accompanied with some illustrations on how the Green Deal interacts with various property transactions. 

This guidance will be of interest to people selling, letting (social or private rented  sector) or transferring a property other than through sale or letting, as well as those advising them. This guidance also contains some information which may be relevant to those wishing to make alterations to a Green Deal improved domestic or non domestic property

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Green Deal Update Sources

Slowly green deal details are emerging.  A number of people and organisations have asked me for good reliable Green Deal update sources.  Across the web the situation still seems very patchy and I guess will remain so until we have further news from the government on the Energy Bill and release of PAS 2030 for consultation for example.

UPDATE: PAS 2030 Issued for Consultation

However, here is my list of sources as a starter for 10.  If you have any to add (that are informative rather than outright service/product/training ‘sell’) please add to comments and I will incorporate.

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Microgeneration MCS Certificate Scheme

Asset Skills – Green Skills

The Guardian Sustainable Business Built Environment Hub

Social Media (Blogs, Forums and Twitter):

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Green Deal Bulletin July 2011

Green Deal Update news received from DECC.

Does this mask the slowing down of Green Deal preparation or announcement for Green Deal in October 2012?  The consultation with the industry and public is a key milestone, yet this remains ‘the Autumn‘ rather than a specific date.

Green Deal Bulletin July 2011

“We’re now expecting that we get Royal Assent for the Energy Bill, including the primary legislation for the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation, early in the autumn. I do not expect this will make any change to our plan to bring in the Green Deal in October 2012. It also remains our intention to consult on secondary regulations in the autumn, and I encourage you to write to us during this process with your views”.

Greg Barker, DECC Minister

Moving forward on legislation and consultation

The legislation setting out the framework for the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) has continued its passage through Parliament and has now completed the Committee stage, which saw line by line scrutiny of the Energy Bill and Green Deal. All parties agreed they wanted to see the Green Deal be a success, although naturally there was a range of views about how exactly this should be achieved.

The next stage is Third Reading and Report, then into the Lords and finally Royal Assent. Following this, we intend to consult with you in the autumn on a range of secondary legislation which will set out the detail of how the Green Deal and ECO will operate.

Listening to stakeholders

The Minister of State, Gregory Barker has met with a range of stakeholders to discuss progress and next steps. These have included senior representatives from the likely new entrants to the Green Deal market – including Kingfisher, Birmingham City Council, Travis Perkins, Carillion and Marks and Spencer.

The Minister also met with a range of senior representatives from the Social Housing Sector, and enjoyed the opportunity for open dialogue on the opportunities presented by the Green Deal.

Protecting Consumers

It’s vital that consumers have confidence in the Green Deal. Over the summer we will further develop our approach with the Energy Ombudsman Service, the Financial Ombudsman Service, Ofgem and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to ensure the consumer protection framework is robust and sufficient to protect all consumers.

Developing Green Deal Finance

We are in the process of commissioning expert advice on assessing the fraud risk in the Green Deal and ECO. We launched an invitation to tender for assessing this risk at the end of July and plan to have consultants appointed by the end of summer with a report requested during the autumn. This will be used for guidance for commercial parties, helping us to ensure we are on the right lines and provide financial assurance to interested parties.

Green Deal, the ECO and the Prime Minister

In July the Secretary of State presented the Green Deal and ECO policy to senior Ministerial colleagues, including the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Chief Secretary to the Treasury and engaged in a discussion about progress to date and next steps. The session also heard from external stakeholders.