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UK’s First Planned Ecovillage Gets Go-Ahead

 The South Wales eco-village Lammas (covered here on isite recently) gets the Treehugger and Eco City coverage

What a world of difference between the eco-villages of the Hanham Hall type and Lammas.  No doubt as to which best claims the eco tag!

Low impact eco village

From the eco cities of the world to plans for a low impact eco-village in Wales.

Lammas, in its bid to get planning permission has put together a comprehensive and absorbing website. Well worth checking out.

from the Lammas website: 

The Houses

Low-impact architecture uses a combination of recycled and natural materials. The project is essentially a self-build affair. The first phase will see the construction of five detached dwellings and one terrace of four dwellings. There will be a combination of building styles including straw bale, earth sheltered, timber frame and cob. The houses will feature the latest environmental technologies and design techniques. The dwellings will blend into the landscape. Indeed they will be largely made from elements of the landscape (for example turf roofs, cob walls, timber cladding).