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UK’s first carbon neutral city

It was only a matter of time before the extension of eco homes, eco villages and eco towns was applied to eco cities in the UK, after all the rest of the world has eco-cities.

I should mention the great work being done at a community level over in Ashton Hayes – aiming to be England’s first carbon neutral village (which I believe is a great case study on Community based FM in practice)

But who would have thought Sterling would be the first city in the UK to be brave enough to go carbon neutral?

One to watch … Carbon Neutral Stirling

This raises a number of questions, mainly though, in my mind, what requirements will there be on sustainability and carbon management of construction and of facilities management of buildings in the citiy?

Eco City 2008 – this week

Eco City 2008 conference gets underway this week in San Fransisco. isite will be relaying media from the event through to the UK as a bogging partner.

What will of course be of interest to UK readers is the comparisons and differences in approach with our own (top down) Eco Town approach and the (grass roots) Transition Town approach.

There is also the opportunity, through isite to feed UK eco city approaches towards the Eco City 2008 Global Summit.

Stay Tuned …

isite news and update

Media Partner

Delighted that isite has been invited to become media blog partner to the Eco City 2008 World Summit and West Coast Green conferences.  Watch out for live feeds.


Bright Green: looking for that new job in sustainability or CSR? then the latest positions from the London and San Fransisco offices of Bright Green can be found on the right hand sidebar

Twitter – still getting to grips with the potential of this, my tweets are, again, on the right hand sidebar.

Blogs added to blogroll:

Transition Culture the tranistion town movement blog from Rob Hopkins

WICE: a small community enterprise in my own home community

Second Life

isite now has a presence in second life – more on this very soon


Two gadgets that fascinate me – where in the world and cluster maps show the locations of isite readers.


Watch out for live blogging from upcoming events – from local to regional and national to international

I also intend to replace the flickr feed with photos of buildings in use, representing the users experience of facilities – watch this space.


A search over a coffee, starting from Pam’s link (here) led me to zeroHouse.

Now this may be hitting a lot of boxes on the zero list, may be an architects vision or dream, but to call eco (as in ‘eco’ =’home’) and a place to live?

Does this primary school Lego construction have a soul – ie a spiritual dimension. Is it at all aligned to nature – it actually looks as though it has flown in to the location and cant wait to be off again. And just imagine a society, a neighbourhood or development of these. Or even, gulp, an eco-city.

And on the current theme here of usability – has anyone lived in one of these I wonder and feedback comments to designers, or indeed feedforward experiences to the next iterative design.

Saying all that this would be a good design to have within the Second Life International Eco Code Park so visitors can move around, experience its ‘feel’ if only virtually and leave comments on their ‘experience’ (click here to enter into the Park)

Eco City 2008

The Eco City 2008 blog continues to profile Eco City projects and urban architects and other leading thinkers in its build up to the Eco City World Summit conference at the end of the month.  The posts, links and articles make fine background reading to urban futures and the whole concept of eco, whether its eco-cities, eco-towns or eco-villages world wide.

UK’s First Planned Ecovillage Gets Go-Ahead

 The South Wales eco-village Lammas (covered here on isite recently) gets the Treehugger and Eco City coverage

What a world of difference between the eco-villages of the Hanham Hall type and Lammas.  No doubt as to which best claims the eco tag!

EcoCity 2008

A wealth of information relating to urban and city futures is to be found through the EcoCity2008 conference web site and media blogs, including interviews and podcasts through the Tomorrow Matters internet radio.

With a strap line of Get Ready to change the world… Ecocity World Summit 2008 will bring together the key innovators, decision makers, technologists, businesses and organizations shaping the conversation around ecological and sustainable city, town and village design, planning and development. We intend to put these issues on the economic and environmental agenda for 2008 and beyond.

Hoping to follow EcoCity2008 streams and on line content through this blog.

Just how the UK Eco Towns and Eco Villages (and even Transition Town) concepts compare to international approaches will be of interest.