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twittering facilities management


A twitterleague group has been created at  http://www1.twitterleague.com/view_league/181  – this may not be the ideal method in the long run but a good starting point to identify those in FM who use twitter.  I can see the definition of facilities management may well be discussed again as we have fm’s, architects, construction people and property managers in the group.  As it should be !  

To be involved follow @fmleague 


Twitter has certainly become the buzz of the new web applications and for good reasons.  Earlier, last year, I could see that twitter would be big, but didn’t really understand why or how.  Now, after a years use I start to see the benefit, broadly around open communications, learning, sharing and inspiring concepts.  

I am also convinced that twitter can and will have a major part to play within facilities management, in engaging with building users, and even in twittering data from building systems to facilities managers.

Inspired by the work of Su Butcher to create a league of twittering architects I would like to create a directory of those in fm using twitter, and collectively start to explore and pilot using twitter.

If you are in anyway connected with facilities managemement and use twitter, and would be interested in discussing twittering fm, please leave your details as comments to this post or send me a twitter @martinbrown

A quick search on tweepsearch suggests there are only 23 users with facilities management in their profile – but there must be more ( I know there are!)