May Day commitment to action

A number of people have suggested I put the Think top ten actions in here as well as the link to the Think 07. Here they are again – what do we make of them ( more to the point what will John Prescott make of them!) Maybe we use these as the agenda for our question time event in September.

1.To draw up SMART targets for the reduction of carbon emissions, waste & water and to protect biodiversity.

2. To develop industry-wide, consistent carbon modelling and measurement tools for existing and new buildings to achieve these targets.

3. To halve the amount of construction waste taken to landfill every two years.

4. To devise a more effective renewable energy strategy, including district-wide strategies.

5. To encourage landlords and occupiers to share and publish data on buildings’ energy consumption, with the aim of collectively reducing emissions.

6. To adopt operational energy labelling certificates across all buildings.

7. For landlords to adopt a new code on leases which discourages the reinstatement of properties to their original state.

8. To promote the use of life cycle analysis, including embedded and operational carbon emissions.

9. Every building to have a master ‘off’ switch.

10. To encourage the adoption across the construction and property industries of the May Day commitment to action.


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