Fit for Purpose, Planet and People

A few recent issues have reinforced my view we may be slowly replacing environmental impact with carbon impact.  Whilst carbon management is a good focus on our environmental impact, and a relatively easy one to calculate,  we still need to keep a balance on our environmental impact.

A good balance is in the triptych  from Patrick Geddes – being fit for Planet, for People and Purpose

It is good therefore to see CABE’s report focusing on their ecological footprint as well as their carbon footprint.  .

As we see more and more clients looking for evidence of environmental impact management and evidence in procurement, for example on construction transport miles, this report is well worth reading for its background in calculating footprints, in addition to CABE’s own footprint and action plans.

And on a wider, global scale we see reports in the media of the devastation of forestry and food land around the world in a rush to produce bio-fuels for energy or transport including bio-materials for our industry.


One thought on “Fit for Purpose, Planet and People

  1. Carbon was historically an easy way to bring the debate to the forefront – ecological footprints start getting economically tricky, and hence politically too. This is where the role of the individual, company and government start to get debated, which a lot of people in this industry aren’t comfortable with doing.


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