Carbon Zero Builders Wanted

From Building News:

English Partnerships will ask six housing developers to submit zero carbon designs for a former hospital site near Bristol

The first site in English Partnerships’ competition to build zero carbon homes has gone out to tender.

All 150 homes on the site are expected to meet the top level of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The exact definition of a level 6 home is yet to be confirmed but EP said that zero carbon means that the amount of energy taken from the grid is less than or equal to the amount put back through renewable technologies.

English Partnerships Jayne Lomas said building zero carbon homes remained a real challenge. She said: “This effectively brings the zero carbon homes of the future a significant step closer to reality – a hugely important development in the fight against climate change”.

Do we have the knowledge, resources and technologies here. locally, in the north west to do this? Or would we see others from outside the NW bid and win any such projects

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