isite radar for april 08

On my radar today:

Low carbon uk

– a New Scientist / Arup online discussion forum

Your computer chip could warm your home

– a medium size data center could heat 70 homes

Ecotowns are not the answer to climate change or housing needs

Reducing the carbon footprint of the existing built environment must take priority. The government must focus its climate-change agenda on Britain’s cities precisely because they are the most prolific polluters. This should be a Guardian response against Simon Jenkins article crticising eco-homes – can no one be found to defend Eco Homes?

Companies will have to tell all on carbon emissions

All quoted companies will be forced to detail carbon emissions in their annual reports after the Government caved in to backbench pressure. What will this mean for construction and facilities management organisations?

Don’t blame the equipment

Can lessons be learned about training needs from the fiasco of Terminal 5’s opening?…the sophistication of the baggage-handling system – described by BAA as one of the most advanced in the world – surely emphasises messages about the importance of human capital.

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