Running an eco friendly home – Infographic

Interesting infographic courtesy Wickes via

Also interesting to note how many are of these are Green Deal measures and how many behaviour measures, indicating we get greater CO2 and energy reductions through lifestyle choices?

3 thoughts on “Running an eco friendly home – Infographic

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  2. Simon Owen (@CalibreSimon)

    Cracking infographic! I’d say lifestyle choices has to be the biggest factor as turning the thermostat down a degree to save 10% of all heating has to be more energy/carbon/cash saved than upgrading the fridge. It will also have an effect on actions/purchasing decisions such as appliances, opting out of junk mail etc. Could be the hardest to achieve though working to the lowest common denominator!


  3. Ed Douglas

    A handy infographic. There’s a real gap between what’s available and what people need. I need a joiner who can fix my front door so it’s draft-proofed and double-glazed. I would hire someone who advertised his green credentials – but while there are lots of people who will fit me solar panels, I can’t find the tradesman I need.



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