Mapping the Green Deal with ArchitectMap

Once Green Deal is live, and indeed in the run up preparation phase, it will be of great advantage to be able to see who are the Green Deal ‘players’ on your street, in your estate, neighbourhood or town.

Green Deal, in addition to improving energy efficiency of buildings, both domestic and commercial, also has aims of carbon reduction and providing increased work for micro / small SMEs. Using local SME’s hits a number of plus buttons: carbon reduction through low transport, localism and local spend, and of course employing local SME’s to continue existing relationships.

One of the key elements in the Fairsnape “More than Just a Green Deal” support programme is visibility – being visible as a green deal player to learn, share and join in Green Deal conversations, but also to shout about preparation, accreditations and of course services offered.


It is excellent news then that ArchitectMap, a brilliant geo-location mapping app, developed by Su Butcher and Mark Schumann, for Architects, Contractors, Product organisations and more, now enables you to filter for green deal organisations.

We buy a whole range of services and goods on line these days, so why not select your green deal services online?  Sign up for ArchitectMap here and start sharing your Green Deal intentions and achievements. And of course start using ArchitectMap to find your Green Deal Team.

At the moment Contractors and Installers can map themselves, shortly Assessors, Surveyors and Product companies will be able to do so.

If you would like to know more, and how Architectmap came about check here, or get in touch with @SuButcher and or @MarkSchuey

If you would like to know more about Fairsnape Green Deal support please do get in touch with myself via @fairsnape or via email

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