Mindfulness, Biophilia and Salutogenesis: a powerful triptych for improving construction health and happiness

pexels-photo-94616Increasing health is becoming a key aspect and driver for building design and maintenance. (Next Wave of Design: Why wellness-minded Spaces)

We are seeing the BREEAM alignment with WELL, but as pointed out in FutuREstorative, and by others, this approach needs to equally apply to the construction process, to project working environments, including the project office accommodation environment.

Mindfulness, Biophilia and Salutogenesis provide a powerful triptych for improving construction health and happiness. But what are they, and how can they improve construction?


The state of being present in the moment. Mindfulness can help in reducing stress and mind-wandering in addition to enhancing the sense of wellbeing and fulfilment from life and work. Mindfulness is growing in use within other sectors to address amongst other things wellbeing and safety.

(In collaboration with Anne Parker, we can provide tailored Mindfulness for Construction awareness and training sessions)


Our innate relationship with nature. Research is proving that connection or exposure to nature or natural patterns has a huge influence on our state of mind, wellbeing, cognitive skills and recovery times from illness. We should be applying the 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design to construction workplaces as part of a healthy construction agenda


FutuREstorative introduces the concept of salutogenesis to the built environment. A medical concept that encourages focus on factors that improve & support health, keeping people healthy rather than on just reducing impact on health. Translated to the built environment this can mean focus on design issues that can improve health, through buildings and workplaces where people go home healthier, feeling better and happier than when they arrived. As an example, the recognition that light (daylight and circadian light) can be medicine having positive, even healing benefits. Adopting a salutogenetic mindset to the construction process will encourage us to start considering and focusing on the positive benefits of working in construction.



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