isite radar and roundup monday 23rd june

Last week was a busy one so not too much posting here, but below are a few of the items that caught my eye Bristol is to become the first cycle city with 11 others – York, Stoke, Blackpool, Cambridge, Chester, Colchester, Leighton Buzzard, Southend, Shrewsbury, Southport and Woking – named as demonstration areas for […]

second life orientation day for built environment ppl

Friend and colleague Pam Broviak from the Public Works Group in SL, GridWorks and LaSalle Illinois, has just posted an item on her blog regarding our planned orientation day on June 28th.  Join us for an introduction and guided tour. UK times and a programme are still to be confirmed, but it should be possible […]

on zero carbon and routes to get there …

There have been some very worthwhile and considered articles and comments on the definition of and feasibility of zero carbon recently – take a look at Mels post .. and Phils post for excellent round ups and for good technical comment take a look at CarbonLimited from Casey The difference in opinions and views is […]

… on what makes a building green

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. Patagonia’s Mission Statement I have mentioned Patagonia the outdoor clothing organisation a few times before on this blog, and recently searching for a model CSR policy or statement for a Masters course I am in part […]

new CSR blog

Welcome to a new blog from Fabian Pattberg:  CorporateResponsibility.Net Its purpose  is to provide the reader with a selection of news items that are informative and useful without the corporate spin of a normal press release. I have signed up to a lot of news services and website newsletters and will select the news items […]

Green build goes big in San Jose

Over 13000 delegates, 100 speakers and 380 exhibitors are expected at West Coast Green, the world’s largest residential green building conference, in San José this September. The event, that will be a green zero-waste conference, will also include live blogging, live broadcasting and plenty of pre-conference previews and profiles through the online San Fransisco Chronicle. […]

sustainable connectivity

A new look for isite with a new image on the top banner(*). I like this design as it includes a RSS button – to get isite delivered to your desktop, and a search facility to search back through isite items. But a little more too. After reflection on this blogs contents and direction, I […]