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bloggers greenwash kit

Thanks to Mel over at Elemental for pointing out the Greenwash Guide (pdf) at Futerra – very timely as I prepare for a workshop today. 

Three even easier steps for
communications agenci

Now we have the 10 signs of greenwash, Six Steps to avoid Greenwash, a Greenwash Healthcheck  and 3 even easier steps for communication agencies, the original  six greenwash sins,  and greenwash misleading adverts regulations.

bloggers uncover greenwash

A new Nielsen Online report, Sustainability through the Eyes and Megaphones of the Blogosphere, argues that firms that are guilty of overstating their green credentials are being routinely uncovered by bloggers.

Bloggerskepticism is the cost of entry to play the green game

Bloggers are a new form of investigative reporter who doggedly pursue the facts

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