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isite news and update

Media Partner

Delighted that isite has been invited to become media blog partner to the Eco City 2008 World Summit and West Coast Green conferences.  Watch out for live feeds.


Bright Green: looking for that new job in sustainability or CSR? then the latest positions from the London and San Fransisco offices of Bright Green can be found on the right hand sidebar

Twitter – still getting to grips with the potential of this, my tweets are, again, on the right hand sidebar.

Blogs added to blogroll:

Transition Culture the tranistion town movement blog from Rob Hopkins

WICE: a small community enterprise in my own home community

Second Life

isite now has a presence in second life – more on this very soon


Two gadgets that fascinate me – where in the world and cluster maps show the locations of isite readers.


Watch out for live blogging from upcoming events – from local to regional and national to international

I also intend to replace the flickr feed with photos of buildings in use, representing the users experience of facilities – watch this space.

on building school futures …

school things on my radar this weekend…

In May the Lancashire Construction Best Practice Club will be held at Devonshire School, Blackpool an exemplar school that is a significant step forward in the design of learning environments for young children. Details of the event and site visit will be posted on the Events pages very soon

but … Building schools for the future is far too slow …. says the the NASUWT

Almost half of all teachers work in schools where water drips from the ceilings and windows do not fit properly, a study by the NASUWT concludes. A third complained of damp and slippery corridors, while one in five said lighting was poorly maintained. Most said they had to work in excessively hot or cold conditions and 30 per cent did not have easy access to drinking water.

Source: Scandal of Britain’s Crumbling Schools

What happened when Bright Green, an innovative green recruitment organisation brought together leaders from Britain’s top construction firms, sustainability consultancies, schools think-tanks with Kit Rogers, a teacher at Priestlands Secondary School, Hampshire, to discuss sustainability issues in schools?

Source: The Green School Dinner