Cost of carbon

A good note to end the year on and a new perspective on the cost of carbon to start 2008 with was reported in the Guardian last Friday. (also picked up by fellow blogger Phil at Some Seasonal Cheer ). Effectively ministers will now have to include a cost for carbon emission on all projects, […]

Green fatigue?

The report in yesterdays Observer (Green Fatigue leads to fear over climate change backlash) highlights a growing concern over green issues and sustainability: A backlash is now a real threat, said Phil Downing, head of environmental research for Ipsos Mori. ‘There’s cynicism because on the one hand we’re being told [the problem] is very serious […]

Links roundup

Building Schools for the Future – Low carbon schools Children’s Plan – web based presentation – cast from Andrew Thorne, Department for Children, Schools and Families and Ian Butters, Faithful+Gould available here Pink is Green –  from Green Girls Global New M and E sustainability website a  “single source of topical and technical information for […]

Arup pick up greenwasher of the year award

Arup and the Dongtan project has received much ranting on the Ethical Corporation (EC) website over the year so no surprises that they pick up the EC Greenwasher of the Year award .  This for the … long announced, but never started, ‘eco-city’ in Dongtan, an island of pristine wetlands just outside the teeming city […]

Is code level 6 enough?

Am I missing something here. I was encouraged by the inclusion of what I took to be a stretch target – level 6 in the Sustainability Code. Yes a stretch target for 2016, one that would drive innovation and improvement in construction, design, micro generation, energy suppliers and all the other necessary components. And one […]

Carbon off setting not permissable on zero carbon projects

Been looking at site that mention Hanham Hall – the first Zero Carbon Challenge project recently let to Barratts.  The local BBC Bristol  site contains these wonderful comments from English Partnerships: Unlike carbon neutral developments, there can be no conscience-clearing carbon off-setting on a zero-carbon project.  No carbon footprint must be left at the site […]

Code level 6 builder announced for eco village number one

From the Communities and Local Governmnet website: Housing and Planning Minister Yvette Cooper today announced details of the housebuilder who will build England’s first eco-village.  Barratt Developments PLC has been selected by English Partnerships, the Government’s National Regeneration Agency, as the preferred developer to create a new community at the site of the former Hanham […]