are green buildings usable?

It seems we are becoming awash with green buildings, eco homes and eco towns. There are some great sites out there with green architecture eye candy (check out Mad Architecture for example). We have some major and significant conferences and events on the horizon – from the international Eco City 2008, Green Build 2008 and […]

Low impact eco village

From the eco cities of the world to plans for a low impact eco-village in Wales. Lammas, in its bid to get planning permission has put together a comprehensive and absorbing website. Well worth checking out. from the Lammas website:  The Houses Low-impact architecture uses a combination of recycled and natural materials. The project is […]

Urban revolution

Continuing the theme of Eco Cities … Jaime Lerner‘s ‘urban revolution’ successfully transformed a congested, grimy, crime-ridden city into a world-renowned model of green living and social innovation. London can do it too, reports  Tom Phillips in an excellent and inspiring article. Jaime Lerner will be speaking in London next Monday, one of a series […]

Worlds greenest city and eco home?

Is the German city of Freiburg, the  worlds greenest Eco City? Is the Passiv Haus the most effective and efficient Eco-Home? If so why are we not learning for eco-homes and eco-towns in the UK ? Also, more on Eco Cities at Eco City 2008

a real school for the future – without eco-bling

Education Guardian reports today on the development of Acharacle School on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in Scotland.  The report by Tariq Tahir, should make ‘essential ‘ reading for those involved in school design, construction and in community assets. In addition the school childrens blog ‘they are building outside our class‘ illustrates how construction can be a […]

on building school futures …

school things on my radar this weekend… In May the Lancashire Construction Best Practice Club will be held at Devonshire School, Blackpool an exemplar school that is a significant step forward in the design of learning environments for young children. Details of the event and site visit will be posted on the Events pages very […]

…on coal, blue and earth day 2008

Wear BLUE for Earth Day 2008 to VOTE for No Coal This blog has commented through many posts on coal, on its significant contribution to carbon footprints, on the relationship with the built environment (coal – safe cigarettes for the built environment) and on the recently approved new coal power station in the UK. But […]

Zero carbon debate reignited?

Has Prince Charles reignited debate on architecture, traditional construction, eco homes and zero-carbon? – isdefining zero-carbon is the key? – the original articles at BD website are well worth the read – as is the astute comments from Phil at zerochampion (sorry Phil cant get use to Sustainable Blog!)

Walking the walk – design resources

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently launched  “Walk the Walk,” , a multi-faceted campaign to educate, promote and encourage sustainable design among consumers, business owners and architects.  (It is a pity they don’t include builders, fm and end users in that list.  Sustainability is a collaboartive approach, across all project and facilities stakeholders.) Walk […]