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Grenfell Tower and the precautionary principle.

Many have written, blogged and commented on the avoidable tragedy at Grenfell Tower. I have been in two minds whether to add my voice, but then as a colleague pointed out, I have been blogging on themes pertinent to the … Continue reading

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Wildwood, A Journey Through Trees

Roger Deakin’s article in this weeks Guardian Review starts off with one of the best illustrations of biophilia and connection with nature I have read in a while … I wonder if the swallows that nest in the chimney of my Suffolk … Continue reading

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(Enabling) Sharership is the new Leadership

“Sharership is the new Leadership” Sylvie Sasaki Property Plan A project manager at Marks and Spencer blogging today in Building reminded me this great comment from Jim McLelland @SustMeme), illustrating how social media has progressed to a powerful medium for sharing valuable information  Something not … Continue reading

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Where Greendeal should be …

At many of the Green Deal workshops, roundtable discussions and presentations (eg More than Just a GreenDeal) I have led over the last year or so , I have challenged thinking with the question, how did we get to 2013 … Continue reading

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on public building epc’s

The UK Communities and Local Government government website states Our buildings are responsible for almost 50 per cent of the UK’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. October 1st marked the date by which UK public buildings have to display their energy … Continue reading

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