code for sustainable buildings

A while ago  I posted on the UKGBC task force UKGBC task group too important to be so narrow? and how it should embrace an open collaborative wiki style approach to the development of the Code for Sustainable Buildings. This code will be so influential and far reaching that it cannot be developed behind closed […]

on low-carbon existing homes

From the UKGBC website, will comment when I have time to digest! UK-GBC Releases new report Report submitted to Government 13/1008 After a summer of stakeholder engagement, including a ‘webinar’- an online seminar – which attracted around 100 participants, the report on Low Carbon Existing Homes has been submitted to Government this morning and is […]

on public building epc’s

The UK Communities and Local Government government website states Our buildings are responsible for almost 50 per cent of the UK’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. October 1st marked the date by which UK public buildings have to display their energy performance for buildings and facilities as an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). Currently around 18,000 buildings, […]

picture that tells a 1000 words

This is cool. This image, easily generated at Nokia Barcode Generator site contains links to my site. Anyone with a barcode reader can zap the images and instantly ‘read’ the information and save to contacts. Also works with text and links. Could we see all business cards looking like this one day.  Or profile images […]

does the built environment ‘get’ the web?

CEO’s do not ‘get’ the web, according to the last of four articles in today’s Telegraph that reviewed Steve Tappin and Andrew Cave’s book The Secrets of CEOs and looked at the emerging web3.0 and its impact on business. Web3.0 will have a profound impact on building designs and the way we use buildings, through […]

future of conference – 2

My earlier post on the future of conferences being of a barcamp, open, participation nature has been picked up by Conference Bay – with a useful list of how to unconference elements of mainstream conferences. The feature doesn’t deal with the subject of conference fees though – moving away from high corporate fees to low […]

the built environment twitters

There has been a welcomed increase in Twitter from uk construction recently. New to this world is: the UK construction magazine Construction News has a twitter @CNplus with deputy editor Nina Lovelace having a twitter account at @nina_lovelace New Civil Engineer, now also has a twitter presence at @NCEmagazine and Constructing Excellence has now started […]

Reactions to Tesco pulling out of eco towns

I havent posted on the developments within eco towns recently, but with the decision being delayed until early 2009 and Tescos pulling out there is plenty of comment on media sites and blogs: for example: Tesco’s decision ‘is good for democracy’ Cambridge Evening News – Cambridge,England,UK Cllr David Bard, SCDC portfolio holder for new communities, […]

now wash your hands …

I am always amazed at how a strategically important sector such as Facilities Management has somehow elevated the washroom, toilet maintenance sector to be of utmost strategic import. Now I can already hear the moans from facilities managers, as this space may be invaded, at the excellent and innovative Welsh Assembly proposal for businesses to […]