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Twitter for Sustainable Business

“I didn’t know twitter could be used for business, I thought it was just for complaining and moaning on poor service” A comment from a recent chat on a construction site illustrates the level of understanding of twitter and social media … Continue reading

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Improvement through PAS 91

PAS 91 has recently been updated to align with the Government Construction Strategy. Here are some of my thoughts on recently providing PAS91 support (training events, webinars and live bid support) As with all bidding the trick is to:  “delight … Continue reading

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A low carbon diet for construction boards

Question for you:who on your board is really championing sustainability and the low carbon agenda? Board members, as Lucy Marcus reminded us at construcTALKs, need to balance continuity with change, to embrace the changes in technology. From my experience in (small-medium) construction organizations, boards are … Continue reading

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Managing sustainability knowledge across social media.

After last weeks UCLAN Centre for Sustainable Development,  Social Media launch session I was asked how to ‘manage’ and ‘filter’ what you can learn and share across the world of social media sustainability.  It was not too easy to summarise in a few minutes … Continue reading

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Is the new Linkedin app a game changer?

I must admit I have had a love hate relationship with Linkedin. Loved it for its contact management relationship building power and the amazing groups which I see as modern digital communities of practice, Hated it for the clunky nature … Continue reading

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your top three environmental books

What are the top three books you’ve read on environmental issues that you would recommend?   Why are they great reads,important or influential? Join the discussion underway on the Linkedin Sustainability Questions page and learn what others feel are important environmental … Continue reading

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on sustainability now

Last Tuesday I attended the Building Sustainability Now conference event, from my study, popping out from the event and discussions only to deal with phone calls and other work issues. I also made a good number of new contacts, either … Continue reading

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